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These 3 Outbound Mistakes Cost B2B Companies 86.9% of Sales

See why Uptics + the Cold to Gold Method gets 7.63x Faster Sales.


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Secret #1: How messaging failure costs 4x the cold email conversions, and a simple two part solution fixes it fast.

Secret #2: ​Why channel choking decreases bookings by 269%, and the exact process that reverses it.

​Secret #3: How rejecting silent buyers eliminates over 94.5% of hot leads, and a 2-click fix solves it.

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"After 10+ years of working with hundreds of B2B clients and thousands of Uptics users, I've boiled down the top ways successful businesses never reach their true potential, which is why I built Uptics and created the Cold to Gold sales system, so you never have to worry about generating more leads, more deals, and more sales ever again."

Patrick Spielmann, Founder & CEO of

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